Here are some of the most common problems that may occur with the garage door:

  • Garage Door Doesn’t Open
  • Garage Door Opens But Doesn’t Close
  • Garage Opens And Closes After a Few Inches
  • Garage Door Bent Or Broken Panels
  • Garage Door Off Tracks
  • And More

Here are some of the most common repairs we do:

  • Broken Garage Door Spring – Usually replacing the spring
  • Broken Garage Door Opener – Replacing entire opener or some parts inside the opener
  • Garage Door Off  Tracks – put back on tracks or replace parts
  • Damaged Garage Door Panels – replace the bent or the broken panels
  • Snapped Cable – Replacing the cable and putting door in place
  • Broken Rollers – Replacing the rollers
  • And much more – From Bent Or Broken Hinges, Broken Pulleys, Sensors to Snapped Chain replacement