Simple Steps To Make Your Garage Door Airtight 10 Times Better Than Before

Simple Steps To Make Your Garage Door Airtight 10 Times Better Than Before

10 Jul 2020

Having Garage isn’t always easy going as we always have to deal with dirt, water, and rodent droppings. As the garage doors are very large and usually come with only a bottom seal to keep out all of the unwanted intruders (like water, wind, dirt, etc.), the seal can break itself. Sometimes, the driveway apron under the doormat is shifted, cracked, or settled by creating huge gaps under the door. That’s why you need to airtight your garage door.

Reasons for making your Garage door airtight

  • Freezing Weather– We all know, water inflates when it freezes. When we put water into a container, it has nowhere to expand and it may break the container. This is bad if you have a bunch of pipe works in your garage for a boiler. By sealing the garage door airtight, such chances reduce.
  • Bugs get in- If there is a gap in our garage door, the bugs always will find it and damage your garage. Especially, if you keep old books or any photograph in your garage.
  • Heat Retention– Even if you keep your garage door visibly closed, there is still a chance for the insidious heat to escape from your garage.

Steps to make different types of Garage door airtight

We can find many types of garage doors out in the market. But there are some which can be made airtight easily.

  • Airtight Sectional Garage Door-  According to our experience, the best candidate for an airtight Garage door is Sectional Garage Door. They are made of huge and solid panels that come lower to form the door. In the open position, they open up and lock together as a solid garage door. That’s why there are fewer seams between the garage panels compared to others and less air escapes through the gaps. All you have to do is to make sure that the seams of the door tracks are not covered by cladding.
    • Then, you should install good weather skirting at the bottom of the door. For the best result, you should check your motor power setting which will help to seal it together while closed.
  • Airtight Roller Garage Door- Roller garage doors lower down from the garage ceiling. They are especially when they are retracted fully, they do not have a flat layout. They form a roll. That’s why they take up less place while kept in the open position.
    • Though these doors are not best for sealing garage airtight as there are more joints between the panels. You need to make the panels flexible enough to be rolled up while it’s open. You have to install weather shield skirting. You also have to check well so that there are not any clogging gaps around the circumference of the garage door.
  • Airtight Side Hinged Garage Door– These doors are mechanical as complex as the two other doors we have discussed. Constitutionally, they are two firm instrument panels that are established to the garage frame on hinged. They need less maintenance as compared to the other garage doors.
    • But in winter, the snow makes these doors very hard to open. That’s why you need more area around these doors to do any activity around it. For best result, establish a weather guard strips at bottom of the garage door to seal them well. It looks like high-quality waterproofs, where the zips are confusing enough to preclude the winder coming by.
  • Airtight Up and Over Garage Door- These types of garage doors cannot work automatically. The operator pulls the door down to close and up to open. A vault helps in this operation by soothing the door to move and hold it in position. Though these doors are easiest to be wrapped but not that easy to be made fully airtight because of its huge panels. To seal the door tightly, you have to allow the door to move freely and you also have to use some kind of laminate to seal the gaps. You can use a flexible rubber trim or plastic trim as a membrane. And for the base of the door, a weather shield is most needed.

Benefits of Having an Airtight Garage Door

  • Weather Protection– It’s time for you to relax in every season.
  • Flood Prevention– During a heavy downpour, stop thinking about your garage door! It’s safer than you think!
  • Energy Saving– In any circumstances, your garage door is a strong and reliable energy saver instead of being a weak spot!
  • Dirt and pest– Stop worrying about the dirt and pasted! Your garage is perfect now.

Safety Tips

There are some things that people often miss when they set out to update the seal quality of the garage door. You have to examine the doors very well while sealing-

  • Firstly, you have to take care of the exhalation made by you are inside your sealed garage. They can be dangerous, a standard airing system can save you from the problem.
  • Then, take care of the chemical that is stored in your garage. Inside a sealed garage the fumes of the chemicals cannot escape. You can store them into a holder (like a simple plastic box) that is made with materials that emanate dangerous fumes. Avoid keeping paints and aerosol inside a sealed garage as the container may crack after a long period of time.


It’s very easy to forget about your garage door, especially a sealed garage door. But you have to be careful about it as the seal will work as long as it’s not cracked or broken. Any types of holes or splits can destroy your plans!

So as soon as you notice any trouble, you should contact our specialists for the best help. Get in touch with us to know more effective information about protecting your garage door. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today! Stay safe.

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